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Indoor heating and cooling equipment comes with a network of air ducts. Their work is to bring cold or hot air into your room. During summer, you depend on the HVAC system to cool the room. Come winter, and the converse happens. Hot air brings the much-needed relief from biting cold. When everything is in good working order, you have all the comfort you need.

However, as time goes by, prolonged usage of the same equipment causes it act up. One day you wake up to find the room is not cooling correctly. You brush the matter aside because, after all, appliances do malfunction only to bounce back to life. Eventually, you start noticing that power bills keep increasing every month. Next, you find yourself turning the heater’s knob to get more heat into your living room. The scenario above can only point at one thing, leaking air ducts.

This is where Attic Projects come in. Our professional team is well-trained and equipped to offer Escondido residents a unique air duct replacement and repair solution. With us by your side, none of the challenges simulated above should stress you. Let us help you repair the damaged ducts before the Escondido weather changes. Let us step-in to remove the pressure on your faulty air ducts that causes them to work extra hard to maintain excellent air quality. This causes them to consume more power which in turn causes a spike in your utility bills.

Appliance failure is another problem associated with broken air ducts. A consistent strain on HVAC machines results in their wearing out very quickly. When they finally reach their breaking point, they stop working altogether. Our experience tells us that if we repair the machine components, you should be back enjoying hot or cold air in no time.


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