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Attic & Crawl Space Services For Home Sellers

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Time to sell your home and move on to the next adventure? You've got a lot to think about, with realtors, buyers, and all the other people associated with home sales bombarding you with information.

Let our attic home inspectors and crawl space home inspectors help you avoid an inconvenient surprise that could cause a headache down the road. You want your property in ready, move-in condition with few issues that could arise during the buyer's inspection. Why? All this preparation gives you more negotiating power and saves costs in future negotiations.

A thorough look at your house from top to bottom ensures a potential contract doesn't get derailed. Your realtor will likely have advised that you get a home inspection, which is the right thing to do. But not all home inspectors are experienced in looking for the tell-tale signs of danger in attics and crawl spaces.

Many inspectors may overlook spaces that aren't easily and readily accessible, but those areas usually require the most attention. Our attic home inspectors and crawl space home inspectors aren't afraid to get into those tight and dark corners to make sure your sale will be a success.

Inspect Before Buyers Look At Your Home

So, what's involved in an attic or crawl space pre-inspection from Attic Projects?

First, we inspect the attic and crawl spaces to see how air is moving through the home. We’ll check out the ductwork for any leaks, poor installation, or general wear and tear. Have you noticed poor air circulation indoors or higher utility bills? An inspection may reveal if the HVAC system is not functioning properly and working overtime to heat and cool the home – a potentially costly repair if not addressed now. Our crawl space inspectors will then inspect the functioning of the HVAC system from the crawl space, determining if a clean-up or vapor barrier is needed to address any efficiency or moisture issues.

Next, we check out your insulation. You might hear terms such as "R-Value." Our inspectors will explain the industry jargon and advise on whether or not the insulation is up to standard. We’ll check to see if dirty or contaminated insulation needs removal and if moisture or mold has entered the attic.

Then, our attic and crawl space inspectors look for indicators of wildlife in those closed-off and convenient spaces in your home. Rats and other rodents love making homes in attics and crawl spaces. If a rodent has chewed through wires, burrowed and nested in insulation, we'll know. Before a buyer's inspector demands a more expensive repair, let our rodent proofing experts inspect these areas first and seal all the points of entry.

Finally, we inspect the neglected areas of the home. A quick peek into the attic or crawl space may look like the typical home, but a home inspector may catch serious issues that could cost the deal. Is there damage to floorboards? Evidence of water, pest or fire damage? Our inspectors will recommend any necessary remediation. We look for evidence of moisture from the underside of the roof to the insulation under the floor to make sure your home is up to code.

Get An Attic Inspection Today 

Sell smart. Know what the issues are before you throw money at a problem just to get the contract through.

The attic and crawl space inspectors at Attic Projects will help prepare you for a quick and painless home sale. Learn more about Attic Projects, get a custom estimate, or contact us for free advice at 858-246-7421.

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