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Our rodent waste removal service takes care of controlling an impending rodent infestation. From our industrial exposure, we have handled many rats, mice, and bats removal projects before. Bats, raccoons, squirrels, and rats can be stubborn unwanted guests in your home. They love making nests in the attic. Without control or eradication, these animals turn your attic into a breeding ground. While at it they leave droppings all over the storage space.

By the time you find the source of the foul smell that has been permeating through your house, the loft is almost breaking under the weight of damaged insulation material. When bat and rat droppings begin to decompose, the chemical process releases gases that emit a really foul smell. What we know is that you need our attic cleaning services. Besides the foul scent coming from the attic, you could be staring at a health hazard. The wisest thing to do is to engage a professional cleaning team.

Why go to another rodent removal service provider? Attic Projects has been in this business for ages. Our specialists work systematically to remove waste left behind by bats and rats. Upon completion, we dive to the next task where we decontaminate your attic. We clean-up everything, and this is an essential aspect of the job. Both individuals and firms in La Mesa can breathe a sigh of relief. We believe in quality and efficiency. We strive to create and promote partnership with our customers. Regular follow-up after completion of attic cleaning keeps us in the loop.

Our satisfaction lies in the knowledge that we have left you feeling confident and happy. Rodents can mess up if not damage your ceiling storage space. We are open for business in La Mesa and look forward to cleaning up your attics.


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