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Our Poway attic sanitization team has the resources and skills required to handle any rodent waste removal tasks. We are an authority in restoration and decontamination of attics. Our specialists attend to residential and business buildings where rats have invaded the storage spaces above your ceiling. After removal, we put the material in designated collection bags for disposal. For the remnants, if any, we vacuum it out using specialized equipment. After completing that phase, we sterilize the entire space using non-toxic cleaning agents.

Do you own an office block in downtown Poway? If so, the following information will interest you. Attic Projects provides air duct replacement and repair services to business owners. We understand that you spend most of your day at the office and the remaining few hours at home. Stuffy offices are uncomfortable. The source is usually attributed to a defect in the air heating and conditioning equipment. It could be a damaged duct or worn out insulation. In worst cases, holes in your ducts leak and contaminate the surrounding air by allowing dust particles to seep through. Apart from putting you and your employees in harm’s way health wise, the situation makes your AC work hard and this translates to increased power bills.

You may not have paid much attention, but the attic in your house can become an excellent place to store things you do not need now. Boxes filled with old books, tools, old shoes and appliances that you no longer use are some perfect examples of items you can store in an attic. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to get to the ceiling, and that is where we come in. We install attic staircases complete with a trapdoor. Share with us your installation requirements, and we shall gladly provide you with cost estimates.


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