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Sharing your living quarters with rodents can put you at risk of contagious illnesses. If in the business setting, it also puts your clients at risk and may very well lead to business closure. To avoid all these inconveniences, why not go ahead and hire professionals who will keep your attic clean and free from pest infestation.

Your professional cleaner

Attic Projects is your San Diego professional attic cleaner. Our specialists respond to customer calls and visit their homes or business premises on different missions. Rats may chew away air conditioning ducts and rip them apart. Damaged air channels get contaminated quickly with dirt from the surroundings. Anyone who breathes this air stands at a risk of contracting respiratory diseases. At the same time, the air that comes through to a room is not fresh and can be of significant discomfort.

Attics that pose a health hazard

An attic filled with damaged insulation material, rat or bat droppings poses a health risk. The waste from these animals, since it is biodegradable, starts rotting. In the process, it releases a terrible scent that makes it almost impossible to live in your own house. Moreover, the waste matter ‘eats’ into the wooden walls and can weaken the loft’s structural strength.

Efficient removal of rodent waste

Removal of these substances from a client’s San Diego residence or place of business requires extra care. Fortunately, we are always at hand to get rid of the misery in your life. We not only remove the harmful waste but go on to fumigate the entire area. Sanitization kills all germs, removes mold and eliminates odor. In the end, your house becomes habitable again, and we leave you to enjoy it. If a prospect shows up and would like to propose a purchase, you can comfortably show them around without worry.

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