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Attic Sanitation/Decontamination

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A rodent infestation leaves behind a messy attic in its wake. If you do not remove the waste early enough, the infestation could recur. In the worst case scenario, you could be harboring harmful germs that can make you and your entire family sick. When this happens, attic decontamination comes in as a handy way of mitigating against these consequences.

Danger posed by rodent waste

Waste matter found in an infested attic may cause illness to humans. You need not touch anything up there. As attic cleaners of great repute, Attic Projects carries out professional clean-ups that result in complete decontamination of your attic. We apply modern methods of attic sanitation that are highly effective and that have no side effects.


Neglect or a careless execution of attic decontamination tasks could leave a prospective homeowner at the risk of diseases. Besides, there is an uncomfortable feeling that comes with living in a house under the knowledge that you are living beneath a pile of waste matter. We make it our priority to remove all hazardous material and disinfect the area to kill disease-causing pathogens.

Can you clean your attic?

We strongly advise against do-it-yourself clean-ups. You may not have realized this, but attic cleaning is not like the routine housecleaning that you execute during springtime. Rodent feces contain toxins, and these require handling with extra care. We have the right equipment, chemicals, safety, clothing, and skill. Moreover, you do not have training in attic cleaning and decontamination.

What does the task entail?

Depending on the situation at hand, we can take an average of two days. Before we begin, we usually inspect the area for debris, pest droppings and growth of mold. Upon arrival, our technicians embark on the task of getting rid of all insulation material.

The process takes a few hours but can stretch for a little longer owing to other factors such as accessibility and attic size. In some cases, our specialists may have to crawl and remain in this position the entire time. For large attics, they can be in a standing position and even move around.

After removing the insulation, we address the reason why these unwanted visitors come. We rodent-proof by sealing all entry points before vacuuming the rodent waste matter. Later, the experts spray the area with a disinfectant that kills germs, fungus, bacteria, and mildew. The germicide also serves as an air freshener that eliminates lousy scent and dries up in 15-20 minutes.

Why should you sanitize the attic?

  • Removal of foul smell: A decontaminated attic smells fresh and is ready for use in any way you like.
  • Dealing with health hazards: Sanitization procedures leave your ceiling space free from vermin and the germs associated with their occupancy. You are no longer at risk of falling ill.
  • Improved resale value: Clean attics that harbor no microbes impress people who are likely to buy your house.

If you reside in Orange County or San Diego, we are at your doorstep. Contact us for professional attic decontamination.

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