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Does Your Attic Smell?

While some attic smells are normal, harsh or pungent odors are usually a sign of something more serious. Dirty attics can circulate allergens, odors and bacteria all throughout your home. 

If you’re detecting foul odors coming from the attic, it’s time to call in attic cleaning professionals. Attic cleaning is recommended every few years, but it’s not advisable to Do-It-Yourself.

We Can Help

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  • Attack the Source of the Odor
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What’s Causing Bad Smells in Your Attic?


Does your attic smell musty or stale? It could be mold. 

Mold is no stranger to Seattle homes. Our damp and rainy climate makes it hard for homes with poor ventilation to dry out completely. Typically, water and moisture enter your attic through cracks or holes in your roof. When this humidity gets trapped in your dark attic, it creates the ideal environment for mildew, fungi and mold to thrive.

Is Mold in the Attic Dangerous?

Unfortunately, mold is harmful and potentially dangerous. Every homeowner’s worst fear is finding toxic Black Mold. Chronic coughing and sneezing, itchy eyes and headaches could be telling signs of a serious mold issue in your attic. From severe allergies to asthma attacks to permanent lung damage, addressing the smell of mold and removing it from your attic, is best left to the professionals. 

Our licensed team will recommend thorough sanitation and removal of any tainted drywall or insulation.

Rodent and Other Animal Droppings

After a rodent infestation, the stench left behind is pungent and potentially toxic. When rodents, raccoons, bats and other animals nest in your attic for an extended time, the mix of urine and feces collect in your attic, insulation and drywall. Often, these odors will make their way to the rest of your home through vents and air ducts. 

Aside from odor, the feces left behind carry harmful bacteria, diseases and other contaminants, making it potentially unsafe to inhale and clean up on your own. 

When Do You Need Rodent Proofing?

Rats and mice are also attracted to their own scent, meaning, time after time, they will just keep finding a way back to your attic without proper sealing. If you’ve dealt with the infestation, don’t let the smell linger in your home. 

After a comprehensive attic cleaning, we may suggest further rodent proofing to keep the animals, and their smell, from returning.

Dead Animal Smell

If you’ve worked with pest control companies, or even set traps or poison of your own, then you know the unsettling truth of rodents or other animals decaying somewhere in your home. 

Decomposing rodents smell like a mixture of sulfur dioxides, methane and other gasses. That smell of decay, in the tightest space of your attic, is enough to turn any homeowner off. For homeowners without tools and experience, it’s nearly impossible to identify where the dead animals are decaying in their homes. 

Our expert team scours your attic, searching through those tight spaces and old insulation to remove the maggots and dead animal carcasses. We’ll apply high-grade cleaners as part of our complete sanitation process.

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If your attic smells, let our attic cleaning professionals identify the odor and recommend a solution. We’ll inspect your attic and provide a FREE, detailed estimate to safely clean and sanitize your attic. Our highly-experienced staff uses state-of-art equipment and industry-leading techniques that guarantee results. Start breathing easier and get peace of mind today. 

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