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Does your house have an attic? Did you know that you can use it for a couple of purposes –storage, or as an extra bedroom? It is a great space that you can use to stash away a few items such as empty suitcases and boxes. However, not every attic is ideal for storage purposes. Your attic could have potential problems that you do not know about, which can have adverse implications on it should you blindly use it to store your items. This is why you need the input of specialists from Attic Projects who can advise you accordingly.

Before storing things in your attic, you need to consider the following:

Floor framing

Your attic’s floor structure doubles up as the framing for your ceiling. If the ceiling joists are not damaged, they can hold up some weight. However, majority of attics have a weak floor framing such that it cannot hold any weight. Our technicians are experts in this sector and will inspect your attics floor frame and offer a detailed report on its condition.

Roof framing

Traditional roofs comprise of stick frames that include rafters from one ridge to the walls ensuring that the space in the attic remains as open as possible. However, new techniques in construction use truss frames which are big, triangular in shape, and have horizontal pieces which act as floor joists. The strength of the triangle is maintained by interconnecting trusses. Removing or cutting the web leads to a weak truss. We inspect the roof framing of your attic to determine its storage potential.

Create access to the attic

Usually, attics have a small opening since in most cases they are rarely used. The implication is that for effective storage, one where you will be able to use the attic regularly, you will need a better and more enlarged opening. Our experts will determine what works best for your case, be it a drop-down stair or an access ladder.

Attic storage temperature

There are two types of attics that your house can have; insulated and non-insulated. Because the temperature levels within the attic depends insulation, there are some items that you cannot be able to store there. Varying temperature conditions can have diverse impacts on different items. We examine your attic to determine its temperature level and advice on items you can store there. It is generally advisable to keep temperature-sensitive items out of attics.

We understand the importance of ventilation to the home and hence ensure that all our processes to convert your attic into a storage space do not affect your existing ventilation systems. For example, we avoid blocking any vents in order to provide protection to your stored items, but we ensure that we offer worthwhile alternatives.

Rodent proofing

Attics are great hiding places for mice, rats, and other like pests. If you store your items in the attic without taking the necessary measures, you expose them to possible damage by rodents. At Attic Projects, we not only convert your attic into a great store, but we also use diverse rodent proofing approaches to keep your items in the attic store safe from rodents. We have the best professionals with the ability to identify and seal all entry points of rodents without affecting your attic’s ventilation.

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