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    Attic Projects offers commercial insulation installation and removal services for your business. Whether you’re building, renovating, or just simply maintaining, Attic Projects can help with your commercial insulation needs. Attic Projects understands the unique challenges for workplaces and commercial properties. Let us do the grunt work, so you can focus on running your business.

    Commercial Insulation Installation and Removal

    In terms of business expenses, one of the biggest concerns for commercial operations involves minimizing energy costs. Whether your company operates from a small office space or a large warehouse, keeping an energy-efficient building can save thousands of dollars over a period of time. In fact, proper commercial insulation can result in a savings of up to 30% off of your heating and cooling bills.

    Insulation Services for Offices

    A place where people spend the most time, we recognize the relief of working in a comfortable office, every day. Our affordable insulation services keep your office at the right temperature every season. Let us work within your budget to provide quality, long-lasting commercial insulation.

    Insulation for Industrial Facilities

    Proper commercial insulation lowers heating and cooling costs for large-scale factories and production plants. Our insulation removal and insulation installation services can improve the noise, ventilation, humidity, and overall environmental-safety of your operation.

    Insulation Services for Apartments

    Are you an apartment manager or owner? Let us find a way to improve your building’s use of electricity. A common complaint from those living in apartments is the noise. When living in close quarters, the best way to reduce noise from neighbors is with quality commercial insulation. Whether you want to attract new tenants or get more positive online reviews – we are here for you. We are confident in our commercial insulation services to give your apartment property an inner-facelift.

    Why Your Commercial Property Needs Commercial Insulation

    Energy Savings and Environmental Impact

    Taking the initiative to properly insulate your building not only positively impacts your bottom line but also provides major environmental benefits, as your business will be using less energy to heat and cool your property. Conserving and reducing energy costs is one of the biggest steps business owners and commercial entities can take toward reducing their impact on the environment.

    Comfort and Soundproofing

    Another obvious benefit of installing commercial insulation in your commercial property is improving the level of comfort for your employees and customers. A drafty building which lacks the proper level of insulation will become a detriment to your business. Customers may associate you with an uncomfortable building, or productivity may suffer as a result of employees dealing with a less-than-ideal room temperature.

    Additionally, poor commercial insulation impacts the level of noise in your business. Generally, a quiet office is better for employee focus and productivity. Even with the growing popularity of open floor-plans in workspaces, restaurants and other types of commercial businesses, Attic Projects finds ways to insulate and better soundproof your space.

    Three Types of Commercial Insulation

    There are a few types of commercial insulation to consider. The first is batt insulation otherwise known as ‘batt and roll” or blanket insulation. Batt insulation is generally made of fiberglass and is the most affordable way to insulate your commercial space. Another common type of commercial insulation is spray or blown-in insulation. Spray foam is a spray plastic that forms a sealing barrier to fill in any potential gaps, providing a barrier against vapor and moisture.

    Spray insulation is an incredibly effective option for businesses seeking to maximize energy efficiency. Attic Projects will consult with your business to determine the most-effective commercial insulation solution for you.

    The third form of commercial insulation is cellulose insulation, which is a wood or paper-based product blown into attics and walls to fill the cavities or blanket over existing insulation. It is an affordable option for businesses.

    San Diego and Orange County Commercial Insulation

    If you need insulation for your commercial building in Southern California, Attic Projects can help. As experts in rodent proofing and insulation – your business will feel brand new after we thoroughly perform our services. Our attention to detail ensures your commercial insulation stands the test of time. Types of businesses we work with include:

    • Warehouses
    • Banks
    • Government Buildings
    • Hospitals
    • Restaurants
    • Multi-Level Buildings
    • Apartment Complexes
    • And more!

    Why Choose Us?

    For commercial insulation, we are transparent in the way we price our services. From day one, our commercial insulation contractors readily assist with a detailed breakdown and schedule of tasks and pricing.

    Our experts in commercial insulation will thoroughly perform long-lasting, quality solutions at a price your company can afford. Let us save your business money by keeping your building cool in warm Southern California.

    Commercial Insulation Installation and Removal in Southern California

    With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Attic Projects provides time-tested insulation solutions and cleaning services for your business. All of our employees undergo a background check, and our licensed and bonded contractors are fully dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction.

    Contact Attic Projects today to start improving your commercial cleaning and commercial insulation.


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