Workplaces differ in many ways and also have challenges that are not always similar. At Attic Projects, we provide cleaning services that are of high standards. Our professional cleaning personnel will work with you to identify areas that need clean-up, frequency and if you have specific needs, we tackle them as well. Our services include:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Floor care
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Furniture and upholstery
  • Window cleaning

Is your office in a mess? We deploy the latest technology equipment. Our cleaners use hospital-care approved disinfectants that kill 100% germs. We help reduce infection and illness risks in your workplace and business premises.

Here are our areas of focus


As the one place where you spend most of your time, we recognize the relief that comes with finding it clean the next time you come to work. Our affordable cleaning services keep your office looking presentable. Moreover, you can count on us to work within your budget.

Industrial facilities

Factories and other production plants need to remain clean as part of environmental and safety requirements for people that work there. Proper cleaning with a strong focus on killing germs is what we offer. We clean your warehouses, loading bays, conference rooms, and office cubicles.


Are you an apartment manager or owner? We can customize a schedule to keep your building looking clean and habitable. Whatever your needs are, whether you want a unit cleaned fast for a tenant who wants to move in, we can adapt. We are confident that our services will give your property a definite edge in a competitive market.

Cost of commercial cleaning

We are transparent in the way we price our services. We have consultants ready to assist you with a detailed breakdown of the tasks involved and the price of each. To make matters easy, we recommend that you share with us your facility’s details. If possible, provide a sketch of the area. With this information, we can customize for you an office cleaning schedule while also showing the cost.

What does a commercial cleaning package entail?

A standard package covers essential cleaning works. More specifically, we provide:

  • Dusting of working surfaces
  • Vacuuming of carpets
  • Wiping
  • Mopping the floor
  • Removal of trash

We do not stop there but also proceed to dust your telephones, window sills, and microwaves in the office kitchen. Nothing skips our attention.


Office carpets withstand a massive beating from everyday usage. Water and other liquid spills coupled with dirt on your shoes leave these floor coverings looking old and dirty. We recommend commercial cleaning as the only way to make your carpets look as good as new. Proper cleaning also extends a carpet’s life.

Unlike other cleaning companies, we load our equipment with the right detergent and ensure that the soap rinses out completely. Our partnership with carpet care machine retailers ensures that we only equip our teams with the latest technology apparatus.

Floor care

We are aware of the pressure your office and industrial floors take. They continuously get dented, scratched and spilled. If you do not clean these on time, the floor’s protective cover wears off. Eventually, you may have to contend with permanent damage that is costly to replace or repair. We offer cleaning services that keep all floors looking clean and bright.

As leaders in the commercial cleaning industry, we are committed to consistent quality service backed by innovation in technology. By hiring us, you lock-in to a business relationship that not only takes your headache away but also saves you money. Call or email us to request a quote at no charge.


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