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Attic Projects in Temecula

From attic cleaning, rodent proofing, insulation installation and everything in between, we have your home and business needs covered. Our trusted team in Temecula is ready to take on your toughest projects.

Most people neglect the attic, but it’s central to the quality of your home’s insulation and health. Our attic cleanup and insulation will give your home the care it needs while helping you save money on your electric bills.


Rodent Proofing in Temecula

Southern California is home to several types of rodents. If you hear scurrying in your ceiling or notice torn insulation in your attic, it’s time to call an expert. Rodents love attics and are shockingly good at finding ways inside through tiny gaps and holes.

Whether preventing rodents from getting inside, or preventing them from coming back, our experts can identify every point of entry for rodents and seal them up for good. We are the experts in Temecula at rodent proofing. Some reasons Temecula homeowners should take preventative action against rodents, include:


Rodents Damage Your Home

Rodents can ruin your insulation and are also known for chewing through wires and pipes. An estimated 8 to 20 percent of home fires are caused by rats chewing wires.


Rodents Spread Disease

Rodents and their feces carry contaminants and diseases including typhus, Hantavirus and others. An infestation can easily harm you and your family’s health.


Temecula Attic Cleaning Services

Often, it’s the messes rodents leave behind that are the biggest health risk, not the rodents themselves. A critical service after a rodent infestation, attic cleaning will remove all the party favors created by your unwelcomed rodent visitors. Our attic cleaning company will remove toxic rodent waste and sanitize your attic for a cleaner and safer home. As a part of our services, we also check to make sure your electrical, insulation, plumbing and HVAC are working at optimal levels.


Attic Insulation Services in Temecula

Your attic is a critical piece of the puzzle for a cooler and more energy efficient home year-round. Our experts will inspect your insulation, determine what needs to be replaced, and install proper insulation for your home or business needs. Attic Projects in Temecula can help get your insulation in the best shape ever and bring in energy savings for years to come. Learn more about our services or contact us for a free estimate!


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