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Attic Projects are a team of professionals skilled at offering:

  • Repair and replacement of air ducts
  • Insulation repair
  • Installation of attic stairs
  • Removal of rodent waste

From the company’s primary location in San Diego, our reach stretches to Temecula city. As a resident of this Southern California city, you can have access to the services where our reputation has a foundation.

Eradicating rodents and removing their waste

Exterminating rodents from an attic signifies the beginning of an important step, decontamination. Rodents drag along a host of other complications. They leave behind droppings and urine. The smell of urine attracts other rodents, and before you know, colonies of bats and rats take over. You need professional intervention to keep your home free from health risks.

Failure to act quickly and rid your house of these stubborn creatures could leave you with a damaged attic. Also, rodents create a conducive atmosphere for bacteria, germs, and growth of mold. Our approach has two critical objectives:

  1. A rodent-free loft that can serve as a storage space
  2. Elimination of health risk to you and other family members

Attic stairways

Without a ladder or a stairway, access to the attic becomes challenging. Having items that you no longer but cannot give away yet requires you to create storage space. The area above your ceiling is perfect for the task. We install attic stairs at a reasonable cost.

Office and industrial cleaning

Temecula business owners can now tap into our air duct repair and installation service. There are immense benefits from hiring us. We are efficient, adopt the latest HVAC technology and offer value for your money. We also guarantee our work and should you not feel satisfied, which we highly doubt, we can gladly offer you other solutions.

Reach out to us today and begin a partnership that will last.

Attic Projects
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Ron G.
Ron G.
2018-08-15 20:45:40
I was glad I decided to go with Attic Projects. From the first meeting to provide an initial estimate through completion they were honest, comprehensive,...
Nick D.
Nick D.
2018-09-24 09:37:35
Having had a lot of contractors through, recently, I'm sick of the b.s. in the industry.I've got depressingly used to tacked on tasks that didn't really...
Michael B.
Michael B.
2018-09-27 15:55:33
Adam Goldman is the man! Adam Goldman is the man! Adam Goldman is the man! Did I mention that Adam Goldman is the man? Because he is the man!I had a...
Roxi L.
Roxi L.
2018-10-05 18:17:28
Great Company! Great Guys!!First impressions with our project manager, Adam was what sold us! He even got us next day instal!Then the crew, James, Jesus &...

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