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rodent proofing

Jan 20 2021

Top Reasons Why You Have Roof Rats

One of the sounds homeowners fear hearing is the scurrying of tiny feet in your attic and crawl spaces. A sure sign of rodent ...
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Jan 6 2021

How Worried Should You Be About Asbestos In Your Attic?

While asbestos was a very popular building material for most of the twentieth century, advances in science began showing more and more evidence of ...
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attic services

Dec 16 2020

Why Hiring A Licensed And Bonded Professional Matters

When it comes time to clean out, renovate, or replace your attic insulation, it may be tempting to do the work yourself or maybe ...
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mold removal

Dec 2 2020

The Most Common Molds Found In The Home

While not all of the 100,000 different kinds of mold that are out there in the world aren’t dangerous, there are several that homeowners ...
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humane rodent removal

Nov 25 2020

How Rodents Can Damage Your Electrical Wiring

As the seasons start to shift towards cooler weather, we begin to pack up our outdoor areas and move inside for warmer entertainment. The ...
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attic insulation

Nov 11 2020

Open Cell Insulation Vs Closed Cell Insulation In Attics

There are many different kinds of attic insulation on the market. It can be confusing for homeowners to decide which is the best kind ...
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mold removal

Oct 28 2020

How To Prevent Mold Growth In Your Crawl Space

Crawl spaces are notoriously difficult to keep clean and sanitized and are frequently the source of mold growth in your home. Crawl spaces develop ...
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attic insulation services

Oct 14 2020

Why Old Knob And Tube Wiring Is A Fire Risk In The Attic

If you are the owner of an older home, the chances are you fell in love with it because of its charm. Maybe it ...
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mold removal

Sep 23 2020

Can Mold in Your Attic Be a Danger to Your Health?

Despite even the best sanitation and maintenance routine, mold can develop in your attic. There can be many causes for the development of mold, ...
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humane rodent removal

Sep 9 2020

The Dangers of Using Rat Poison for Your Infestation

One of the worst sounds a homeowner can hear is the scurrying of rodents or other pests in their attic or crawlspace. Rats and ...
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attic services

Aug 26 2020

Where To Start With Attic Services

It is very easy for homeowners to forget or otherwise ignore their attic. After all, you'll only think about it when you need to ...
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attic insulation

Aug 12 2020

How To Prepare Your Attic For Insulation

Having proper attic insulation is one of the most effective ways to make sure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible. Proper attic ...
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attic inspection

Jul 15 2020

The Importance of an Attic Inspected Before You Buy a House

Amid the excitement of purchasing a home, your attic's condition is usually not foremost on your mind. Having an attic inspection done by an ...
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attic remodeling

Jul 1 2020

Is it Worth the Investment to Remodel Your Attic?

We all want to maximize our investments, and that includes remodeling your home so that it increases in value. When you think of renovating ...
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block rodent entry points with rodent proofing

Jun 17 2020

How to Spot Rodent Entry Points

No one likes to think of rodents and other pests scurrying about their home! Rats and other rodents will settle in as unwelcome guests ...
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when to replace ductwork

Jun 3 2020

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Ductwork

The ducts in your home are one of your home’s most important systems. They are often forgotten because they are tucked away behind your ...
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build a finished attic remodeling

May 20 2020

Things to Consider When Finishing Out your Attic Space

If you are planning to convert your attic to a living space, or undertake another attic remodeling, there are some critical points you should ...
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rodent proofing vs extermination

May 6 2020

The Difference Between Rodent Proofing vs. Extermination

Nobody likes the idea of having creepy crawlies in the attic! Sometimes you'll hear something scratching around up there, and that is the tell-tale ...
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critical places that need professional sanitation

Apr 22 2020

Five Essential Spaces That Require Sanitation

Today, we are facing a pandemic that is easily spread from one person to another, and if there is one thing we have learned ...
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professional sanitation

Apr 8 2020

Why Professional Sanitation Is so Important

Long known for our attic and crawl space cleaning and sanitation services, we are ready and committed to providing you with sanitation services for ...
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should you be worried about hantavirus

Apr 1 2020

Should You Be Worried About the Hantavirus?

COVID-19 isn’t the only virus in the news lately. There have also been reports of people contracting the Hantavirus, and naturally, some people are ...
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what homeowners need to know about attic inslulation

Mar 20 2020

What First Time Home Owners Need to Know About Insulation

If you are a first-time homeowner, you likely have many thoughts swirling through your head! There are so many things to consider when purchasing ...
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how often should you replace your insulation

Mar 6 2020

This is How Often You Need to Replace Your Insulation

Often overlooked by homeowners is the need to replace outdated or deteriorating attic insulation. Sometimes you may notice a rise in your energy bill, ...
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attic services second floor too hot

Feb 21 2020

Why the Second Floor of Your Home is So Hot

Is the second floor of your home too hot in the summer months? Does it seem like no matter how much you try to ...
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outdated insulation health risk

Feb 7 2020

Why Old Insulation Can Be a Threat To Your Health

Attic insulation is probably not something you think of very often. It’s up there, it’s doing its job, and unless you are getting drafts ...
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new home cellulose insulation

Jan 24 2020

What is Cellulose Insulation?

Have you heard of cellulose insulation? It is one of the oldest types of insulation material used in the United States. It can either ...
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tips for sealing air leaks

Jan 10 2020

10 Tips for Sealing Air Leaks

Looking for a way to cut heating and cooling expenses? Hire an air duct specialist to conduct an energy audit on your home. By ...
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Do radiant barriers really work?

Dec 27 2019

Do Radiant Barriers Really Work?

If you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s insulating properties, you may have stumbled across the concept of radiant barriers at some point ...
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Rodents rush inside in winter, here's how to keep them away

Dec 14 2019

How to Rodent Proof Your Home for the Winter

The onset of winter can make the incidence of a rodent infestation more likely, as cold weather can drive these pests to look for ...
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signs of bad ductwork

Nov 26 2019

Top 3 Signs of Bad Ductwork

When you think of your home’s heating and cooling system, often the first thing that comes to mind is your furnace or AC unit. ...
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choosing the right insulation

Nov 12 2019

How to Choose the Right Type of Attic Insulation

Deciding which insulation to install in your home is not simply a matter of picking the first one you see on the shelves, as ...
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When should your attic be professionally cleaned?

Oct 28 2019

When Should You Have Your Attic Professionally Cleaned?

Let’s face it; cleaning the attic is not exactly at the top of most homeowner’s “to-do list.” After all, it’s likely that you rarely ...
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Are rats a threat to you and your attic?

Oct 21 2019

Are Rats a Threat to You and Your Attic?

In short, yes. Rats in your attic are dangerous to the people living in the house and to the house itself. Though common sense ...
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why there are rats in your home

Oct 2 2019

Why Your Home is Attracting Rats

The thought of your home becoming infested with rats can be one of the most unsettling ideas that can enter your mind as a ...
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What items you should never store in your attic

Sep 25 2019

Top Attic Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s face it. No matter how much space we have in our homes, eventually we begin to collect more than enough possessions to fill ...
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Removing insulation can be hazardous to your health

Sep 11 2019

Why You Should NEVER Remove Insulation on Your Own

There are many reasons why you may need to remove your home’s insulation. A rodent infestation can damage your insulating material beyond repair. Insulation ...
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keep your attic in shape

Aug 27 2019

How to Keep Your Attic in Tip-Top Shape

Frequently, attics are the most forgotten part of the home. Much to the chagrin of attic service professionals, many homeowners rarely check on their ...
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radiant barrier california homes

Aug 14 2019

Is a Radiant Barrier Right for Your Home?

Attics can be abysmal places in the summertime. They can hold moisture, harbor unwanted pests, and trap an abhorrent amount of heat. Many homeowners ...
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removing rodent droppings from attic

Jul 29 2019

How to Remove Rodent Droppings in Your Attic

Have you recently noticed the presence of rodent droppings in your attic? Are you both horrified and eager to remove the rodent droppings as ...
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Jul 22 2019

Got A Spray Foam Attic? 3 Reasons to Remove the Insulation

If you own your home, you’re probably not thinking about removing any insulation. Even if you have a long to-do list, there are a ...
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When to have air ducts inspected?

Jul 15 2019

When to Call the Air Duct Specialists for an Inspection

When a person thinks of the most vital components of their home, usually the first images that come to mind are the furnace, windows, ...
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What happens during attic sanitation and decontamination

Jul 8 2019

What Happens During Attic Sanitation and Decontamination?

If you own your own home, at some point you will need to have a proper attic decontamination job completed by a professional attic ...
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Why Southern California is home to many types of rodents.

Jun 5 2019

Why Southern California is Home to Rodents

If you moved to Southern California in order to escape those pesky rodents, you’re in for a rude awakening. According to the Los Angeles ...
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Preventing fires from starting in your attic

May 29 2019

How to Prevent Fires from Starting in Your Attic

An attic is one of the most common places where a fire can originate in your home. The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) estimates ...
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How does attic insulation work

Apr 30 2019

How Does Attic Insulation Work?

If you own your own home, you’re probably aware that insulation is an important component to keeping your house warm or cool, depending on ...
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What to look for in the attic before buying a home.

Apr 23 2019

Buying a Home? Here’s What to Look for in the Attic

When buying a home, often the last thing you are thinking about is the current state of the house’s attic. The uppermost part of ...
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Why you should hire a professional for insulation installation

Mar 25 2019

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Insulation

Cooling is a significant chunk of your electric bill and increasing insulation is a cost-effective way to lower your energy bills and consume less ...
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How rodent proofing your attic can protect your health

Mar 18 2019

Why Rodent Proofing Your Attic is Good for Your Health

As if waking up in the middle of the night to squeaking and scuttling in your walls isn’t unsettling enough, rodents can actually pose ...
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Three reasons to remove insulation

Mar 5 2019

3 Reasons to Remove Insulation

Insulation is not always a matter of adding more. Often times, you’ll actually want to remove and replace some of your home’s insulation. These ...
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Signs your home may be underinsulated.

Feb 26 2019

Signs Your Home May Be Under-Insulated

Maintaining an optimal temperature in the home during the colder and hotter months is a challenge. Whether it’s drafty rooms or a home that ...
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attic insulation removal

Dec 8 2018

How A Dirty Attic Could Be Making Your Family Sick

Cleaning out your attic is probably not your idea of a fun weekend. However, neglecting this small space can cause unimaginable health issues to ...
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Workers Upgrade Home with Attic Cleaning - Attic Insulation in CA

Oct 26 2018

Not Cool Enough This Summer? Your Insulation Could Be The Problem

During summer, the last thing you need to worry about is a hot house. Nothing is as uncomfortable as tossing and turning on sweaty ...
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Sep 28 2018

5 Signs That Your Attic Needs A Cleanup

Nobody enjoys cleaning the attic. In fact, most people would rather forget that it’s there completely. Unfortunately, though it is hidden, the attic is ...
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Aug 22 2018

Top 5 Reasons To Have The Attic Inspected First Before Buying That House

You have found your dream house, it is beautiful and the offer has been accepted. However, before you move to the next step and ...
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