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    Ducts direct the flow of air in your house. You cannot see them since the building’s design renders them inconspicuous. However, an HVAC system cannot function properly without air ducts. After prolonged usage, they pick up dirt. Wear and tear sets in resulting in frequent breakdowns. At times, the problem could be that of poor installation. These and other operational challenges result in reduced air circulation indoors.  Most significantly is the increased heating cost during cold weather and cooling when it is hot.

    The problem with leaking air ducts

    There are numerous causes for leaks within your duct system. Pests, when they invade your home, leave a trail of dirt in their wake. At the same time, the original installer might have done a shoddy job. Along the way, the material binding the parts together at the joints wears out. Once damaged, leaking ducts result in:

    High utility bills

    Your air conditioner will produce hot or cold air depending on the weather. However, it escapes mid-way before reaching its destined place. Under the circumstances, your HVAC system overworks to achieve optimum heating or cooling levels utilizing more power in the process.

    Appliance failure

    When your heating and cooling equipment works beyond its ordinary ability, there is a strain on the entire apparatus. Eventually, it breaks down if you push it further.

    Air contamination

    The leaks we mentioned earlier allow the cold or hot air to escape. However, that is not all, dust, dirt, and air from the surroundings get sucked-in. Eventually, your indoors start feeling stuffy and the air smells stale. Moreover, your furnace and air-con also get clogged.

    Cleaning and replacement of ducts

    All these problems – poor air quality, over cooling or heating, arise from malfunctions in the air duct system. The dilemma may be whether to have the ducts cleaned or seek a replacement. Attic Projects steps in by offering options that can bring back the comfort you desire. We evaluate the system while looking out for leaks and damages. Our experienced technicians then share with you the solutions available.

    Solutions that we recommend


    If after an assessment we identify the cause as one of poor air quality, we may recommend air duct cleaning. We move in to clean up mold, dust and accumulated dirt. By the time we are done, your duct system looks as good as new. Removal of clogs transforms your living room. You can now enjoy clean air like before while your equipment runs efficiently.


    Damaged and moldy parts call for a replacement. Collapsed ducts must be removed and replaced with new ones. Poor interior design may require that we get you a new duct system. Whichever way, our technical crew will discuss these options with you beforehand.


    We prefer systematically handling air duct repairs. If the leaks are not severe, our technicians can repair broken insulation. The ducts may also require partial replacement.

    Air ducts may look like a simple network of pipes. However, you should only let professional contractors handle their replacement or repair work. If handled correctly, you get to enjoy an efficient flow of good quality air all the time. Whenever a challenge sets in, resist the urge to undertake repairs on your own. Refer the matter to Attic Projects, and we shall restore your air ducts to full functionality.


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    ROC License #1035247

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