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    Are There Birds in Your Attic?

    While many people enjoy the birds that live around their house, they are not so pleasant once they make a home inside of your attic. Birds in the attic can cause destruction to your home and even carry diseases, much like other animals we would consider pests. When a bird decides to use your home to make its nest and settles into your attic, they often drop feathers and materials that can contain fleas and mites, which can then spread throughout your home. The droppings they leave behind can ruin building materials, and even carry a fungus that can lead to lung disease.

    Having birds in the attic is a nightmare and can have disastrous effects on your home and your family's health.

    At Attic Projects, we have a wide range of expertise and experience, as well as a team of well-trained, knowledgeable staff that makes us the best solution in Orange County and San Diego, California for your attic needs, including removing birds in the attic.

    How to Know If Birds Have Infested Your Attic

    Attics are an ideal place for a bird to make their nest, and it happens more often than you may think, but how do they get in? Birds will get into your attic through holes, gaps, and even windows that are not properly shut. Your attic is the perfect nesting place for the birds living in your area. It provides a safe place that is high up, away from predators, and it is a quiet place to lay eggs.

    While your attic may be a haven for birds, it can cause permanent damage to your home. This is a problem you will want to solve right away.

    Here are the first signs that you may have birds in the attic:

    • Chirping that lasts all day
    • Scratching noise coming from above while they create nests
    • Ticks, mites, and other insects that you can’t seem to get rid of
    • Bird droppings on surface areas and walls around your home
    • Foul odor that isn’t coming from the garbage
    • Large number of birds around your home

    Why You Need to Bird Proof Your Attic

    Birds Cause Damage to Your Home

    One of the biggest concerns of most homeowners, when they find out they have birds in the attic, is the damage that has been caused. When birds nest in your attic, they can cause quite a bit of harm in several different ways.

    Birds use many materials to create their nests, including stuff they find in your attic, such as insulation and electrical wiring. If it is available and can be used for a nest, they will use it. These two acts can be expensive and dangerous to your home. The removal of insulation can cause your utility bills to go up as your home loses some if its energy efficiency, and if the birds pull on the wrong electrical wire, it can start a fire that can destroy your property and put your family at risk.

    Birds in the attic also leave behind droppings, which can cause damage and corrosion to your home if not removed, due to its high levels of uric acid.

    Birds in the Attic Can Threaten Your Health

    Birds are known to carry over 60 diseases, and the last thing you want is for them to make their home in your attic, exposing your family to serious health risks. They can spread disease through the droppings they leave behind, the parasites and insects they attract, and by contaminating your water supply if your water tank is in the attic.

    Becoming sick from the birds in the attic is a significant health concern, as they commonly spread Histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease, and cryptococcosis, a condition that affects the central nervous system.


    Removing the Birds and Proofing Your Attic

    Once birds have infested your home, they will need to be removed, and your attic will need to be proofed. Just removing the birds will not be enough, as they will likely return and rebuild their nests. It also means that more birds may come into your attic to build their home. If this happens, they will continue to cause damage to your home and threaten the health and safety of your family.

    When removing the birds from the attic, we do so in a sustainable fashion. Attic Projects will remove the birds from your attic, along with their nests and then seal off any entryways that allowed them to enter your home using innovative techniques and expert technicians.


    Protect Your Home and Your Health

    An attic full of birds is harmful to your home and your family’s health. At Attic Projects, we know how important this is. If you suspect birds are living in your attic, don’t wait. Take action now to remove the birds in the attic now before they cause further damage.

    We provide lasting, sustainable solutions so you can sleep easy, knowing your home and family are safe and protected.

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